BUT..what am I going to WEAR??

Literally a question that pops into my head any time I make plans.

The perfect outfit can make or break a photo. I know I sound dramatic but I've been there before so trust me, I know. You wanna look back at that moment and feel confident in it. You don't wanna think "man, I wish I would not worn that top" or " I wish my partner and I's outfits corresponded better." There have been so many times that I have look at a photo of myself and knit picked it to death and it ended up leaving me defeated.

WELL...I am not going to let that happen to you.

SO how am I going to help?

Heres how! This blog! I am going to go over some tips and tricks on what to wear for your photoshoot! Whether its an engagement session, family session, or portrait session. I GOT YOUR BACK! At the end of this blog, I am going to link my outfit inspo board so make sure you follow me on Pinterest!


To start things off...

Lets talk about PATTERNS. Patterns are making a huge comeback this year! Some for the pretty and some ehhhh not so much. It's super important that when you chose to go for one, its not an overwhelming one. You don't want the pattern to take away from you. It can definitely be distracting.I would opt for neutral colors or maybe a more subtle pattern! Ex: You can't go wrong with a simple floral pattern! Like look how cute Taryn is in her floral dress!

SO what's Next?

Dress it up...

This doesn't have to mean formal dress and tux! Like Renee and Cameron (above), a nicer dress and a button up with darker jeans can really dress up a photo.

Or Dress it down

I always recommend something you would wear out on a casual date! Jeans and a simple top but not sweatpants and a hoodie! Something you feel playful in!


I always love it when clients bring a change of outfit and I really think you will too! It gives you the option of two different vibes of photos and sometimes it even makes it seem like it was two different shoots but it was one! You can always decided media shoot, that you would prefer not to change and thats OKAY! Sometimes its just nice to have some options!

Let's chat about colors!

Coordinating Colors...

can be tricky. Like there is a million colors out their y'all. SO when it comes to making sure they all look right together, it can be hard. If you are wanting to go this route, I would start off with one outfit. If the outfit is primary one color with accents of others, then I would play around with those! Just like Magen did above! She went for a floral top that was mainly blue and had hints of pinks, white and red in it! So when picking out everyone else's outfits, she went with colors in her top and it made everything flow perfectly together!

Neutrals & Neutrals & NEUTRALS...

oh my! I typically go this route for myself on a daily bases! Neutrals are just so easy cause they literally go with everything!! You really can't miss it up! And I may be crazy for saying this but BRING ONE THE BLACK AND BROWN TOGETHER. Like thats my favorite color combo hehe!

To Match or Not..

that is the question..

When you think of matching, its easy to assume the worst. Like we all know what I'm talking about. We've all been there, done that. But it doesn't have to be like that! Sometimes matching means, you wearing a pretty floral pattern and your partner matching the color ( like Lindsey an Todd above!) Or matching in some denim jackets ( like Caroline and Garrett pictured to the left!) In the end, its really all about colors and making sure if they match, they completely each other. Unless you wanna go monochromatic and give me some Wes Anderson vibes then PLEASE BRING IT ON.

Now MOST importantly....

Make sure you

I. CAN. NOT. STRESS. THIS. ENOUGH! Seriously I wanna scream this from the mountain tops. I know with society these days you may wanna get on Pinterest( which is 100% OKAY and I do it all the time) and find the hippest outfit to wear to your shoot but I'm talking you this, you have to feel confident in what you are wearing,

feel GOOD in

You down wanna spend the entire session stressing over the outfit. If the hat looks good, if the dress is flattering , If you're jewelry is too much. You shouldn't have to be thinking about this your whole shoot. I always tell clients to dress like themselves! You are beautiful and you deserve to feel it!

what you're wearing

SO what I'm saying is BE YOURSELF. I'm excited to shoot your session because of who you are, not what you wear! When you get dressed for our sessions, I want you to say "DANG I LOOK GOOD" because I promise you do :)


Gossip Girl. Okay just kidding but for real! Thank you for taking the time to read through my first blog post and all the grammatically errors it probably has (I'm sure my friend John will let me know.) As promised, Ive linked my Pinterest board to some outfit Inspo! Again just be you :)