Hi, I'm Lara Howell

and lets talk love y'all.

I love my job. Theres something about spending the day, capturing moments that will last forever, that makes things all make sense to me. I am here for you. In the moments where you feel pushed for time, I will be there to reassure you that its YOUR timeline. In the moments where you are getting the pre-wedding jitters, I'll be there with a hug and a pep talk. I'm here for you. I'm here for you. I 'M HERE FOR YOU.

SO now lets talk a little bit about me.

I am a local Nashville TN , wedding photographer that is trying to be your best friend. Like seriously. Lets go grab coffee or drinks and talk about life, dogs, movies and honestly whatever!

I've been married to my boo thang, Chase, since 2017! He is the best thing to have happened to me and honestly his love for me is what makes me love experiencing these days with you!

Some facts about yours truly..

  • I love sour punch straws. Like for real. I ordered a 24 pack of them from amazon the other day.
  • I have a Corgi named Wonton, yes like after the soup.
  • I sleep better in a tent than in my bed. Seriously. Just put me in a tent outside for a few days and ya girl is a happy lady.
  • I use to be that girl who refused to watch the bachelor because everyone watched it. Well thats definitely not the case anymore. I'm addicted.
  • I met my honey on Tinder and I'm not ashamed.
  • We just had our first child on January, 30th 2021. Her name is Joanie Louise Howell and we are obsessed with her!